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Mono .NET test on Ubuntu

A while ago I wrote about Mono running Microsoft .Net on Linux. I recently installed it. It worked well from the very basic test I ran. I would like to see it trialled on a full system in a production environment.

Here is a screen shot of the success.

Starting a Microsoft .Net project in MonoDevelop

Starting a Microsoft .Net project in MonoDevelop

ASPX running on Ubuntu

ASPX running on Ubuntu


Android app for mobile workforce management

February 16, 2011 1 comment

Android application development is exploding. The company I work for, G3 Global, has made some early steps into concept applications. I was fortunate to work with Kevin, one of the java developers, to put together a bespoke application.

The idea was to create a mobile workforce system that would allow engineers to work remotely through a list of jobs. Each job would allow a before and after picture which was geo tagged. Here is a video of the application in action.

The original post on the G3 Global blog ‘Mobile workforce management on Android

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Homer Simpson family tree

January 25, 2008 1 comment

Have a look at the family tree of Homer Simpson. I never knew the Simpson family had such an extensive list of relatives. There is an 80 person family tree to make any genealogy enthusiast happy.

Here is a picture of the family tree:

Homer Simpson family tree

There is even some details on each person in the family tree. Here is a snapshot of Homer’s profile:

Homer Simpson family profile

There are also a number of other family trees of various celebrities.