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LinkedIn companies beta test drive

I recently gave the LinkedIn companies section a go. Chris Gunter, CEO & Owner of G3 Global, setup the initial page. Here is a snapshot of the page that was setup:

Company page of G3 Global on Linkedin.

Company page of G3 Global on Linkedin.

I was half impressed with the functionality. It’s a great concept to use the business networking site to now have company pages, but the implementation still is clearly in Beta. I had a look at a company page that I used to work for Open Box Software, and was a bit confused when I saw three people on the page: Sophiane Arras, Andy Ashburner and Henry Juan who never worked for Open Box (they did work with me at Kindo/MyHeritage). Have a look at the ‘Former Employees’ section below:

Company page of Open Box Software on LinkedIn

Company page of Open Box Software on LinkedIn

They are connections of mine but clearly no relation to the company. I can only assume there is something wrong with the query in the logic. Oh well it is only beta.


MyHeritage hits 26 million registered users and growing

October 3, 2008 Leave a comment

The MyHeritage front page has public stats information on it. I was glad to see the registered users number passing 26 million and the number of names approaching 267 million. This puts MyHeritage in a commanding position in the family social networking space.

MyHeritage statistics

MyHeritage statistics

MyHeritage acquires family social network Kindo

September 23, 2008 1 comment

I’ll give my insider perspective and thanks to the team involved in another post. The full story was shown on the Kindo blog. The news made it in some prominent blogs such as Techrunch UK, VentureBeat, Techcrunch, paidContent and PHP Kitchen to mention a few. Here is the official press release for now.

MyHeritage and Kindo join to offer the best online destination for families

London, England and Tel Aviv, Israel – September 23, 2008 – MyHeritage, one of the world’s most popular family Web sites, today announced the acquisition of family social network Kindo. MyHeritage has more than 25 million members worldwide and is known for its powerful technology that helps families research their history and stay connected, including Smart Matching and automatic photo tagging. The Kindo team’s experience in social networking will help MyHeritage realize its vision to be the Facebook for families. As part of this acquisition, MyHeritage will also establish new commercial operations in London.

“Adding the Kindo team to MyHeritage puts the company in an even stronger position to realize its vision of connecting families around the world,” said Gilad Japhet, founder and CEO of MyHeritage. “The synergy of our innovative, sophisticated technology and Kindo’s social networking and marketing expertise will further solidify our position as industry leader. Kindo successfully created a friendly service with an excellent reputation and great base of users.”

Founded by CEO Gilad Japhet, MyHeritage helps people around the world discover, connect and communicate with their extended family network and easily research their family history. The service is unique in its international reach, currently translated into 25 languages with more to follow. Its impressive growth is based on an increasing desire of families to stay closely connected, learn more about each other and share their photos. MyHeritage can be accessed through the Web site or by downloading a simple piece of software for free. Combining MyHeritage and Kindo will create a larger family network and instantly provide more value to its collective user base.

The London-based Kindo team will become an essential part of MyHeritage, joining forces to accomplish the company’s vision of creating the best online destination for families. Kindo’s users can now get easy access to Myheritage’s unique technology, helping them discover and learn even more about their family history. They will also benefit from MyHeritage‘s photo tagging technology, which automatically scans and identifies people in photos, making it easier for families to organize, search and share their photos.

MyHeritage and Kindo share a common vision for the future of families online. We both want to give people an easy and fun way to stay connected, organize events, share memories, and strengthen ties across geographies,” said Nils Hammar, co-founder of Kindo. “When I worked at Skype, we saw first hand how powerful the Internet could be in helping families communicate, and now we want to take that a step further with MyHeritage.”

About MyHeritage
MyHeritage was founded by a team of people who combine their passion for family history with the development of innovative technology. It is now one of the world’s leading online networks for families, and the second largest family history website. MyHeritage is available in 25 languages and home to more than 25 million family members and 265 million profiles. The company is based in Bnei Atarot, near Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit
You can find a video about the new photo tagging features.

About Kindo
Founded in 2007, London-based Kindo is an internationally focused web-based family networking platform that spans generations. On Kindo, users can build their free next generation family tree and stay in touch with their loved ones. Kindo is available in 17 languages, as diverse as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Hindi. The company is funded by high-profile business angels and venture capitalists, including The Accelerator Group (TAG), Stefan Glänzer (,, and Ambient Sound Investments (ASI), the investment company of Skype’s founding engineers.

Facebook for the family – see family news on Kindo

February 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Most people really like finding out what their friends have been doing. Facebook seems to have done a great job at producing a feed of news for all your friends. Problem is that i seen to have far too many acquaintances and it is filled with irrelevant information.

Kindo have done something similar but focussed on your family. The Our Family section shows some interesting statistics on your family members coupled with a great news feed.

family news

I personally like the calendar which shows all birthdays and anniversaries. It even shows details for people not signed up. This is great in my family because a lot of the oldies aren’t online.

Homer Simpson family tree

January 25, 2008 1 comment

Have a look at the family tree of Homer Simpson. I never knew the Simpson family had such an extensive list of relatives. There is an 80 person family tree to make any genealogy enthusiast happy.

Here is a picture of the family tree:

Homer Simpson family tree

There is even some details on each person in the family tree. Here is a snapshot of Homer’s profile:

Homer Simpson family profile

There are also a number of other family trees of various celebrities.

Export birthdays from Facebook into iCal format

January 22, 2008 3 comments

Facebook is great for reminding me when my friends (or acquaintances) birthdays are. There is one small problem in that I don’t always look at my facebook calendar. Demian put me onto this nifty birthday calendar exporter.

The app allows you to export all birthday events into iCal format which can be used by a number of calendar tools including: Google Calendar & Apple iCal. I tested imports into both of these and they worked perfectly 🙂

Thanks to Kurt Kluever and Christopher Tice for developing this.

It seems this is no longer working.