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Negotiation top 10 tips from Alan McCarthy

I picked up a list of ten tips for negotiation when I went on a half day training course with Alan McCarthy. Here is the summary:

  1. Don’t negotiate.
  2. Never negotiate with yourself.
  3. Never except the first offer.
  4. Never make the first offer if you can avoid it.
  5. Listen more and talk less.
  6. Never give anyone a free gift.
  7. Watch the salami.
  8. Avoid the rookie’s regret.
  9. Avoid the quick deal.
  10. Never tell anyone what your bottom line is.

You’ll need to watch the YouTube clip to understand these.

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LinkedIn companies beta test drive

I recently gave the LinkedIn companies section a go. Chris Gunter, CEO & Owner of G3 Global, setup the initial page. Here is a snapshot of the page that was setup:

Company page of G3 Global on Linkedin.

Company page of G3 Global on Linkedin.

I was half impressed with the functionality. It’s a great concept to use the business networking site to now have company pages, but the implementation still is clearly in Beta. I had a look at a company page that I used to work for Open Box Software, and was a bit confused when I saw three people on the page: Sophiane Arras, Andy Ashburner and Henry Juan who never worked for Open Box (they did work with me at Kindo/MyHeritage). Have a look at the ‘Former Employees’ section below:

Company page of Open Box Software on LinkedIn

Company page of Open Box Software on LinkedIn

They are connections of mine but clearly no relation to the company. I can only assume there is something wrong with the query in the logic. Oh well it is only beta.