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Whitepaper on Memcached with MySQL

If you have or are in the process of developing a decent size web app you will have to address some performance issues at some point. Caching is good way to address some of the performance problems. The guys at MySQL have a nice whitepaper on Memcached. Unfortunately you have to register and then they will send you an email with the file.

Here is the address: http://www.mysql.com/why-mysql/white-papers/mysql_wp_memcached.php

A quick extract from the site with the usual marketing blurb.

Memached is an open-source, distributed memory caching system designed to tackle today’s web-scale performance and scalability challenges. Many of the largest and most heavily trafficked web properties on the Internet like Facebook, Fotolog, YouTube, Mixi.jp, Yahoo, and Wikipedia deploy Memcached and MySQL to satisfy the demands of millions of users and billions of page views every month. By integrating a caching tier into their web- scale architectures, these organizations have improved their application performance while minimizing database load. In doing so, they manage to increase their scalability to accommodate more concurrent users and spikes in traffic while at the same time making the most efficient use of their existing computing infrastructure.

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